Ash Round Logs

Ash Round Logs

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Kamil Swarga Woods Ltd is one of the most renowned and trusted European Beech Logs exporters in Poland. Beech Wood Is used for various purposes by people all around. Some of the uses of Beech Wood are as follows:


• The Beech Wood is excellent for firewood. Because it can be easily split and burns easily.


• It is also used for smoke meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, and cheese. It is famous to smoke Westphalian ham.


• Being a hardwood, beech is also used for manufacturing musical instruments. Such as Drums and Guitar bodies. Beech has a tone between those of Maple and Birch, both are the most popular drum woods.


• The timber of beech is the best option for making chalets, houses, and log cabins.


• The Beech Wood that we provide to our customers are also used to make different ornaments by many people around the globe. Choosing our Beech Wood is the best as we are the best Beech Logs Exporter in Poland.


What Are The Advantages Of Beech Logs?


Good Appearance


Due to its fine and straight grain, it gives a uniform texture.




Due to its medium hardness and density, it holds the nail and screw very well. Its grain holds the polish and paint well and gives a finishing look, it can be easily banded into many shapes with the steam bending method.


Order our products and choose us as we are the best European Beech Logs exporter from Poland.

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