Biomass Wood Pellet

Biomass Wood Pellet

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Product Details

Mix 10%
Ash Content
0. 5%
Fine Material
0. 5%

Kamil Swarga Woods Ltd is the leading Biomass Wood Pellet Exporter in Poland. Biomass Pellets can be used for burning or power generation as of their convenience and comfort. Adding to this it is extremely environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Following are some of the advantages of using Biomass Pellet.


• Biomass pellets are cleaner and safer compared to coal. They do not release air polluting gases as sulfur oxide. Also, the transportation and storage of biomass pellets are easy.


• The calorific value of biomass pellets is quite high that is the reason why it is cost-effective regarding its much lower price.


• Biomass pellets are carbon neutral that means that they only emit the amount of carbon dioxide they absorbed during growth. They do not release other air polluting gases into the air.


• Different from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal that is expendable, biomass pellet is renewable, as the plant grows every year, and we can have an endless supply of biomass materials.


• We are the best biomass wood pellets exporter in Poland and the products that we provide to our customers are the best. The price of oil, coal and gas are controlled by the government, especially these days when fossil fuels are decreasing, no one can assure the stability of their prices. However, the cost of the biomass pellet that we provide is affordable always.


Therefore choose to deal with us and get the best quality products. We are the best wood pellet exporter from Polan

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