Mangrove Wood Charcoal

Mangrove Wood Charcoal

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Mangroves are the trees that grow near coastal areas in saline water bodies. Our company kamil swarga woods Ltd are among the best mangrove wood charcoal exporters. We offer our products at reasonable prices to our customers. It is used mostly as firewood for cooking food.


Benefits of using mangrove wood charcoal


  • The dense nature of the mangrove charcoal allows it to provide a strong and long lasting fire. As reputed mangrove wood charcoal exporters from Poland we can assure that the estimated burning time of our products is from two and a half hours to three hours.

  • Due to its density the mangrove wood charcoal burns in a much higher temperature than most other conventional charcoals. This is also the reason why it is extremely suitable for high speed cooking. Even in cooking applications that require consistent heating and the cooking process lasts for a long time, mangrove wood charcoal can be used.

  • Mangrove wood charcoal has an aromatic nature due to which it can be used even as an accompaniment along with a non aromatic fuel. The aroma which almost feels like that of mint adds a subtle layer to anything that is being cooked.

  • As a mangrove wood charcoal supplier in Poland we not only offer our products at affordable rates but guarantee the quality of our products.

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