Agarwood Chips

Agarwood Chips

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Virgin agarwood dust is obtained out of curving of agarwood chips. These are used for distillation of oils. We offer virgin agarwood dust distilled from mature aquilaria subintegra tree. It is a dark brown oil, rich, thick but non-sticky, sweet smell and long lasting on skin. The essential oil derived from wild agarwood trees is one of the most expensive natural products. The range of this oil is very affordable


We still sell a lot of agarwood products such as oud wood chips, dhoop stick, raw agarbatti,…


Bamboo viet is a company with a closed activity field in manufacturing and trading of agarwood: from aquilaria planting, transplanting agarwood on aquilaria trees to producing agarwood oil and supplying other agarwood products. With our range of business areas, we believe that we will bring the best value to meet the needs of our esteemed customers and partners

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