Beech Firewood

Beech Firewood

Product Code: 13


Product Details

Energy Heat Output
Approximate Weight
Loose Volume
3,55 m3

We supply kiln dried mixed firewood as a premium wood fuel. Logs are packed into 1m3 or 2m3 pallet/crate, all firewood is stacked by hand and inspected, log length is 25cm and moisture content below 20%.


Mixed firewood is mainly used for open fires, BBQ fire or burning in stoves. When you burn kiln dried firewood you get two times higher calorific value than naturally dried firewood.


Pallet dimensions 

  • 0,85 x 1,17 x 1,15 – 1m3
  • 0,85 x 1,17 x 2,00 – 2m3

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