Navigator A4 Copy Paper

Navigator A4 Copy Paper

Product Code: 31


  • Product Details :

  • No jam in photocopy machine
  • No double feed
  • Stay flat after copying
  • Leave no dust in the copy-machinev Nice appearance-white and clean
  • Nice touch-smooth and bulky
  • No see through-print both sides
  • Been developed for: Photocopy Machines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines


Wood Gold Ltd is the best Navigator A4 copy paper manufacturer. Navigator is recognized internationally as the leading premium office paper brand. It offers a wide range of solutions for any printing application.

High-impact and professional-looking printed documents, the quality of a world bestseller and available for any type of document, in any office printer.

Excellent Performance Due To the Following Characteristics:

· Moisture Control - Makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enhances run ability.

· Low Dust Content - Minimizing your copier running cost.

· Good Opacity - Double-sided copying of the best quality

· Smoothness - Improving Printing Quality.

· Bulky Sheet - Enhancing the smooth run ability

Best for Use:

· Photocopier

· Laser Printer

· Fax Machine

· Ink-jet

· Copier

· 2 side copying

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Wood Gold Ltd is in the business for years and has gained customers all over the country. We make sure that customers get only the best at an affordable price. Choose to deal with us and order now.

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