Pine Sawn Lumber

Pine Sawn Lumber

Product Code: 004


Product Details

16-75 mm
From Europe Origin
Volume per Month Up to
200000m3, grade gost 26002-83 1/2/3/4

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Pine Lumber is one of the most popular types of softwood used for flooring, fencing and doors. A lot of homeowners use Pine beech wood lumber for various purposes.


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Pine lumber is one of the most popular types of softwoods used for flooring, fencing, and doors. A lot of homeowners utilize pine lumber due to its considerable benefits including; relatively affordable cost, strength, and aesthetic appeal.


If you are looking for good softwood to use on your floors, walls, decks, or garden fences, pine lumber can be an excellent option. Here are some of its benefits:




Choosing to buy our pine lumber, you can easily get your money's worth as it is inexpensive compared to the other types of woods, but this extremely strong compared to the price you pay.


Aesthetically Beautiful


As mentioned above, pine lumber is beautiful to look at. Given its grain and natural patterns, your fencing and flooring will have a lovely and unique appeal without a lot of effort. One can also retain the appeal and texture without giving much effort.


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