Radiata Pine Logs

Radiata Pine Logs

Product Code: 22


Product Details

Available Diameter
Available Length
Up to 6100mm
Quantity per Month
Min – 40ft.; Max – 30x40ft.

If you are looking for the best Radiata pine logs in Poland, you are in the right place. Our company Kamil Swarga Woods Ltd is the best to get radiata logs. Following are some of the benefits of radiata pine woods that we offer to our customers. Some are as follows:




The pine wood that we have listed on our websites are very cheap compared to the other pine wood. These are extremely used all around the world.




The pine wood is too hard to work and this is the reason why the user should use a handsaw and other such tools on these pine wood.


Natural Wood


We have the best Radiata pine logs for sale in our company. Our products are strong, durable compared to the wood that is man-made like the engineered wood.


Fast Growing


The radiata pine is one of the fastest-growing trees. So it will not impact the environment.




The radiata pine logs for sale of our company has an amazing lifespan. The radiata Pine wood that we supply to our customers have an amazing lifespan that is nearly around 70-80 years and the lifespan of the furniture made with this pine is 25-40 years.


Choose us and get out products at an affordable price. We are the best supplier of wholesale Radiata Pine logs for sale.

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