Yellow Southern Pine Logs

Yellow Southern Pine Logs

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Wood Gold Ltd is a reliable yellow southern pine logs supplier. Southern yellow pine is a general term used to describe pine species whose major range is south of the United States. Ten species of pines are considered southern yellow pines, including the four most common species, loblolly, shortleaf, longleaf, and slash. These four species make up 90% of the southern pine timber inventory. It is commonly known as SYP.

Southern yellow pine wood is one of the principal sources of softwood products in the United States. Not only is it strong, stiff, and dense, but it also can hold nails and other fasteners particularly well, which makes it a great choice for residential and commercial construction. Yellow southern pine log has a unique cellular structure, making it one of the preferred species for pressure treatment.

It is widely used for its unique qualities like:

· Affordable cost

· Quality

· Dimensional Strength

· Ease of treatment

· Beauty and Elegance

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